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We will guide you through all the important Octalysis design steps to boost your business objectives with gamification.


We will strategically design your product using our Octalysis framework. You relax while we do the rest.

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Workplace Engagement & Gamification

Employees say Gamification makes them feel more productive (89%) and happier (88%) at work (TalentLMS).

What would happen if we would make even boring tasks at your workflow engaging and fun? Sounds unrealistic?

Many gamification case studies prove this can be done and result in dramatically improved motivation levels of your staff and a positive change in company culture. Our gamification examples shed some light on how it’s done.

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Product Engagement & Gamification

50% of start-ups are reportedly integrating Gamification into their strategy (Bitcatcha).

Incorporating human core drive motivational design into your offerings will get you short and long term attention of (paying) customers.

We can help you make your product winning and addicting. Have a look at our gamification examples to see how we successfully empowered products and businesses.

Marketing Engagement & Gamification

Up to 7X conversion rate has been achieved by companies using Gamification (Neil Patel).

The Octalysis Group will help you transform your online and offline campaigns into an engaging experience via social media, SEO, email & mobile marketing, offline validation, competitions, and rewards.

Social Engagement & Gamification

30% – 40% increase in online customer interactions was experienced by content and media companies using Gamification (Deloitte).

The Octalysis Group helps design for the engagement and persuasion that social sector activities deserve.We have designed social programs worldwide for charities, NGO’s, Governments and Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Education Engagement & Gamification

83% of those who receive Gamified training feel motivated, while 61% of those who receive non-gamified training feel bored and unproductive (TalentLMS).

Gamification can greatly boost learning through motivational and behavioral design. Education and eLearning in particular doesn’t have to be boring and disconnected from fast-feedback. We help you to turn your educational processes into an engaging and exciting system.

Lifestyle Engagement & Gamification

Gamification strategies can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics (M2 Research).

Turn your life into an Role Playing Game (RPG) and turn every project into a Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS).

We can help you level up by analyzing your initial stats, build, skill set tree, and put you on the right quests and career that can realize your ultimate passion.